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Data Analysis ActiveX Control

This package is bundled as a group of separate data analysis controls. These controls provide the most complete and flexible set of data analysis tools available as ActiveX controls. The underlying algorithms of each control can be called from within a program, or from a property page interface. Place a control on a form and add general statistics, regression analysis, curve fitting, solution of equations, solution of eigen systems, Fourier analysis, digital filtering and thermocouple linearization capability to your program. The matrices and vectors operated on by these controls are only limited by available memory.

The properties of a data analysis control can be edited via methods or by property pages. This includes all methods and summary statistics for a given algorithm.

bulletSolution of Equations
bulletMultiple Regression
bulletStepwise Multiple Regression
bulletSolution of Eigensystems
bulletFourier Analysis, Digital Filtering
bulletThermocouple Linearization
bulletSummary Statistics

This is a Windows legacy product and has not been updated since 2000. It is sold as-is. There is no longer technical support for it.


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Data Analysis ActiveX Manual

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Control Summary

Linear Equation Solver
The solution of simultaneous linear equations is one of the most common algorithms used in science. Three distinct algorithms are included: Gauss-Jordan, Gauss-Seidel, and Crout (LU factorization). These routines have been used to solve systems of equations with as many as 1000 unknowns.

Regression Analysis
Regression analysis is a statistical tool used to evaluate the relationship between a single dependent variable (the Y-value) and one or more independent variables (the X-values) for a fixed number of observations. Multiple regression, stepwise multiple regression, summary statistics, correlation matrices and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are included in this control.

Curve fitting
Curve fitting is used to generate a function y=f(x) which maps an independent variable (x) to a dependent variable (y), using actual measured data. This control can fit data to polynomials, exponentials, rational fractions and any combination of the three.

Solution of Eigen Systems
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors are important tools in the analysis of physical systems. This control will calculate all eigenvalues and eigenvectors for real, symmetric matrices using the QL algorithm.

Fourier Analysis and Digital Filtering
This control will calculate real and complex FFT's. It also includes related functions for 2-D FFT's, magnitude, phase and power spectrums, windowing, high and low pass digital filter design.

General Statistics
Statistics can be calculated for vector based collections of information. Minimum, maximum, mean, median, standard deviation, correlation, Student T test and Fisher's F test are included.

Thermocouple Linearization
Thermocouples are the most widely used transducers for measuring temperature. All IPTS-68 Thermocouple (T/C) types are supported: J, K, R, S, T, B, E, JN, JP, KN, KP, BN, BP, TN and TP. The entire usable temperature range of each thermocouple is supported.

Other Features
• On-line Help.
• Serialization.

The controls are documented in a comprehensive manual which references all available member functions. On-line help and example programs are also included. Demo programs for the controls can be downloaded from our web site.


Data Analysis ActiveX

Use the Data Analysis ActiveX control with Visual Studio 5.0 and 6.0 Not for .Net compilers.. Includes the Data Analysis ActiveX control, documentation and example programs for Visual C++®, DelphiTM and Visual Basic®

Delphi 6, Borland C++ Builder NOT supported,

The last revision of these OCX tools was created it 2002. We are no longer updating the software. See our QCMatPack Tools for .Net for our latest in numerical methods software.