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Charting Tools for Windows - Rev. 3.0
Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Borland Delphi Compilers.
For Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98, NT and 95.


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Quinn-Curtis, Inc. presents the Charting Tools for Windows. This tool kit helps you create and incorporate sophisticated business and scientific charts into your own Windows applications. This product includes 32-bit DLLs that can be used to create 32-bit applications for Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98, NT and 95.
A comprehensive library of functions supports a wide variety of chart types including line plots, area plots, horizontal bars, scatter plots, group plots, open-high-low-close plots, contour plots, and pie charts. Once the charts are created they can be output to Windows supported printers at the resolution of the output device, creating presentation quality charts, slides or transparencies. There are no royalties or runtime fees when these tools are used to create a Windows application program.
The main part of this software is provided as a Windows dynamic link library (DLL). The DLL for all versions of the Charting Tools for Windows is the same and the source code for the DLL is written in C and compiled using Visual C++.

This is a Windows legacy product and has not been updated since 2002. It is sold as-is. Technical support is limited.

View Charting Tools for Windows Datasheets (PDF)

Download the Charting Tools Demo (1MB)

Charting Tools C/C++ Manual

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bulletRev. 3.0 includes 32-bit DLLs only
32-bit DLLs - for Visual C++ 6.0 and higher, Borland Delphi 7 and lower, and Visual Basic 6.0 and higher.
bulletNo Runtime Royalties
bulletSpline Smoothing and Data Reduction
bulletMany Different Chart Types to Choose From - line plots, area plots, horizontal and vertical bar graphs (with 3-D bar options), floating bars, scatter plots, group plots, high-low-close plots, error bar plots, pie charts (with 3-D pie options), contour plots, waterfall plots, stock market open-high-low-close plots, candlestick plots and box-whisker plots.
bulletImport Charts Into Other Windows Applications - metafiles and bitmaps (DIBs).
bulletZooming and Data Cursors - data markers, XOR data cursors and super zoom support for multiple x and y axes.
bulletBuilt-In Dialog Boxes for Editing Chart Characteristics
bulletBad Data Point Handling
bulletWindows Bitmap and Metafile Support - bitmaps and metafiles can be added to charts.
bulletC++, Microsoft Foundation Class(MFC) - example programs are provided. The Graphics Class Libraries (GCL) for MFC, available as an add-on product, integrate these tools with the MFC Document/View architecture. See the GCL data sheets for detailed information.
bulletFFT Functions - real FFT, complex FFT, power spectrum, magnitude and phase functions.
bulletPresentation-Quality Hardcopy Output
bulletAutomatic Axes - scale, draw x- and y-axes, and label axes with a single function call. Special routines to handle multiple data sets, group data and contour data.
bulletLegends for All Graph Types
bulletDocumentation and Demo/Example Programs - the software includes a comprehensive 450 page manual with many programming examples, and 30 complete demo programs (supplied on disk).
bulletScientific and Business Charting Library for Windows
bulletGraph Enhancements - add labels, legends, text, arrows, and geometric drawings to graphs.
bulletBuilt-in Mouse Support - click on chart objects like data plots, axes, titles, legend windows, and pop-up the associated dialog box. Move graphical objects (axes, legends, text and data) with the mouse
bulletScaling and Grid Options - charts can have linear, logarithmic and semi-log scaling.
bulletSource Code Available- see description of the WIN-BMC-102, WIN-BD-102, and WIN-VB-102 products.

Source Code Examples

C Example

Delphi Example

VB Example