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QCSPCChart CF - SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net Compact Framework

Version 2.0 - Special Note - QCSPCChart for .Net CF is at Revision 2.0 and does not include the following features found in the other version of this software: Named rule sets (Nelson, Juran, Hughes, Gitlow, AAIG, Westgard and Duncan), MAMR, MAMS and DPMO charts.

Add variable control charts (X-Bar R, X-Bar Sigma, Individual Range, Median Range, EWMA, MA and CuSum charts), attribute control charts (p-, np-, c-,  and u-charts),  frequency histograms, and Pareto charts to .Net Compact Framework applications using the SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net CF.


X-Bar R Chart with integrated table support, frequency histograms, Cpk and Ppk statistics, scroll bar and customize plot objects


The Quinn-Curtis SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net Compact Framework (QCSPCChart CF for short) software is an object oriented, .Net CF based toolkit aimed at developers who want to add static and dynamic quality control charts to their C# and Visual Basic for .Net Compact Framework applications. Typical users are SPC engineers and other quality control professionals creating .Net based applications that will be used to monitor critical quality factors in manufacturing, process, and service industries. The feature rich toolkit includes templates for the most common SPC control chart types: variable control charts (X-Bar R, X-Bar Sigma, Individual Range, Median Range, EWMA, MA and CuSum charts), attribute control charts (p-, np-, c-,  and u-charts), frequency histograms, probability charts and Pareto diagrams. The software will automatically calculate SPC control limits using historical data for the supported variable control chart and attribute control chart types. Alarms can be generated for standard +3 sigma control limits, or the Western Electric (WECO) Runtime Rules (1, 2, 3 and 4). Alarms can be color highlighted in the SPC charts and table.  It will also calculate process capability ratios (Cp, Cpl, Cpu, Cpk and Cpm) and process performance indices (Pp, Ppl, Ppu and Ppk). Users are able to interact with charts: adding annotations, defining custom tool-tips and editing notes. There is no comparable product for .Net CF available at any price.

It is very difficult to make SPC chart displays small enough to fit on the Windows Mobile, PDA, PC Phone, and other emulators that ship with Windows Visual Studio. Those emulators have tiny, tiny screens. While it is possible to run this software on small screens, it is assumed you want this software to run on dedicated Windows CE devices with a minimum screen resolution of 640 x 480. If you already have hardware that meets this requirement, you can use your actual hardware device as your development environment. If you have an emulator for your hardware (usually supplied by the hardware manufacturer as part of a development kit they sell), you can use that. All of the images on this page were create using a generic, standalone, Windows CE 5.0 emulator from Microsoft, set to a screen resolution of 800x600. It can be downloaded from Microsoft here: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Emulator.

Revision 2.0 adds new options for labeling of the tick marks in batch control charts: time stamp labeling and user-defined string labeling, in addition to the default numeric batch number labeling. Also, x-axis labels can be rotated 360 degrees. Since QCSPCChart is built on top of the QCChart2D software, there are many new features associated with Revision 2.0 of the QCChart2D CF software.

The .Net Compact Framework products below are legacy products and have not been updated since 2011. Support is limited.

Ordering Information

License Information

User Manual - View the QCSPCChart user manual using Adobe Acrobat.

Download Trial Version (15MB) - Download a full-featured, 30-day trial version. of the software.


Have any questions ? Contact: info@quinn-curtis.com


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Key Benefits

bulletFast development time because of the use of advanced templates for the most common SPC Control charts
bulletCharts have no limits on the number of data points or time frame
bulletIntegrated histograms and tables displays require no programming
bulletIntegrate with your database because the software is written and programmed using next generation programming languages Visual Basic .Net and C# for .Net CF.
bulletNever miss an alarm condition, alarms can be strongly highlighted in charts and tables

Feature Summary

bullet Add powerful real-time graphics  to your Windows CE and  Mobile PC application.
bullet Includes the QCChart2D CF Charting software - The QCSPCChart CF software includes the complete QCChart2D CF software.
bullet Visual Studio .Net - Compatible with Visual Studio .Net 2005/2008, Windows Mobile 5, 6.x,  and Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2.0/3.5
bullet Based on the .Net CF Drawing routines - Compatible with .Net CF components and applications.
bullet 100% Managed .Net CF Code - The software is entirely written in C#, resulting in provide better performance and scalability. Managed .Net CF code makes applications easier to deploy and maintain.
bulletVariable Control Chart Templates - X-Bar R - (Mean and Range), X-Bar Sigma, (Mean and Sigma), Median and Range, X-R (Individual Range Chart), EWMA, MA and CuSum. A special version of the X-Bar Sigma chart supports variable sample sub-group sizes.


X-Bar R Chart (Mean-Range Chart) .Net CF

X-Bar Sigma Chart (Mean-Sigma Chart) .Net CF I-R Chart (Individual-Range Chart) Win CE

X-Bar R Chart (Mean-Range Chart)

X-Bar Sigma Chart (Mean-Sigma  Chart) I-R Chart (Individual Range)


Median Range Chart .Net CF X-Bar Sigma Chart with Variable Sample Size .Net CF
Median-Range Chart Batch Control X-Bar R Chart with time stamp labeling of x-axis X-Bar Sigma Chart with Variable Subgroup Sample Size


EWMA Chart Windows CE MA Chart Win CE CuSum Chart .Net CF
EWMA (Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Chart) MA Chart (Moving Average  Chart) CuSum Chart (Tabular Cumulative Sum Chart)


X-Bar R Chart with no table

Batch X-Bar R Chart with user-defined strings labeling the tick marks of the x-axis


bulletAttribute Control Chart Templates - p-Chart (Fraction or Percent of Defective Parts, Fraction or Percent Non-Conforming), np-Chart (Number of Defective Parts, Number of Non-Conforming), c-Chart (Number of Defects, Number of Non-Conformities ) and u-Chart (Number of Defects per Unit, Number of Non-Conformities Per Unit ). The p-Chart and u-Chart templates come in versions which support variable subgroup sample sizes.


p-Chart (Fraction Non-Conforming) .Net CF np-Chart (Number Defective Parts) .Net CF c-Chart (Number Defects) .Net CF
p-Chart (Fraction Defective Parts, or Percent Defective Non-Conforming) np-Chart (Number Defective Parts, or Number Non-Conforming) c-Chart (Number Defects, or Number Non-Conformities)


u-Chart (Number of Defects per Unit) Win CE p-Chart with Variable Sample Size .Net CF u-Chart with Variable Sample Size .Net CF
u-Chart (Number of Defects Per Unit, or Number of Non-Conformities per Unit) p-Chart with Variable Subgroup Sample Size u-Chart with Variable Subgroup Sample Size



bulletOther SPC Chart Templates - Frequency Histograms, Normal Probability Plots with probability scales and axes, and Pareto Diagrams.


Frequency Histogram .Net CF Pareto Chart .Net CF
Frequency Histogram with Specification Limits and Normal Curve-Fit Pareto Diagram Normal Probability Plot


bulletIntegrated Table Support - Sampled values, calculated data values and alarm status values can be part of the SPC Control chart. Every sample subgroup has a pop-up notes text edit box where an operator can add observations.


     SPC Charts with Integrated Frequency Histograms

X-Bar R Chart with Histograms and integrated table display of calculated data values and alarms.


bulletIntegrated Frequency Histograms The variable control charts and attribute control charts can display a frequency histogram, with an optional normal curve-fit,  of the process variable side by side with the main SPC chart.


bulletCustomize Chart Objects - All of the plot objects created in the SPC chart templates are accessible to the programmer, allowing tremendous flexibility in the look of the SPC charts.



Customized backgrounds and plot objects


bulletSPC Control Limit Calculations - SPC Control limits can be set explicitly, as the result of your own calculations, or the limits can be automatically calculated at 1-, 2- and 3- sigma levels using our own internal routines


bulletMultiple SPC Control Limits Control limits can be placed at 1-sigma, 2-sigma and 3 sigma levels for high and low SPC control limits.



SPC control limits at the 1-, 2- and 3-sigma levels


bulletProcess Capability Ratios and Process Performance Indices Automatic calculation and display of process capability ratios (Cp, Cpl, Cpu, Cpk and Cpm) and process performance indices (Pp, Ppl, Ppu and Ppk)



An X-Bar R chart with Cpk, Cpm and Ppk data displayed in the data table.


bulletVariable SPC Control Limits Control limits can either be fixed, and can vary with time. Variable control limits can be specified manually, or calculated automatically as the result of control charts which use a subgroup variable sample size.



X-Bar R chart with variable control limits


bulletWestern Electric (WECO) Runtime Rules The software will automatically calculate and process the alarm limits for the Western Electric Runtime Rules (WE 1, 2, 3 and 4).



An X-Bar R chart with that use Western Electric Runtime Rules.


bulletData Tooltips - Integrated data tooltips display chart data values in a popup window.



Median-Range Chart, with tool tip display


bulletIntegrated Scrolling -  A scroll bar option permits the user to window in on 8-20 sample subgroups at a time, from a much larger collection of measurement data, representing hundreds or even thousands of subgroups, and move through the data, similar to paging through a spreadsheet. The scroll bar controls both the table and chart scrolling.


X-Bar R Chart with Integrated Table Support    

X-Bar R Chart with integrated scroll bar.


bulletDynamic Updates of SPC Charts - SPC Charts can be updated and control limits  re-calculated in real-time.



Dynamically updated X-Bar R chart with variable control limits


bulletAuto-Scaling - The y-axes of the SPC charts can be auto-scaled to display all data and control limits, or the minimum and maximum value of the y-axis can be explicitly set.
bulletControl Limit Alarm Events - Alarm events can be triggered whenever a process variable exceeds an SPC control limit.

New Alarm Features -  There is a new status line in the table section that gives a direct indication of whether or not the corresponding process variable is in, or out of, alarm. The status line has a tooltip, so if you click on an alarm, a pop-up box will show you details. Optionally, the entire column associated with a sample interval can be color highlighted to indicate an alarm condition. Alarm details can be automatically logged to the notes log. The symbol used to plot a process variable point in the primary and secondary charts can be made to change color in the event of an alarm.

bulletData logging - SPC data values can be logged to disk in the CSV (comma separated value) format, for import into spreadsheets and other programs.
bulletVB and C# Documentation and Demo/Example Programs - The software includes a comprehensive 300 page user manual with many programming examples, XML help for every class. Every programming example and example program is presented in C# and Visual Basic.


QCSPCChart CF for .Net Compact Framework Limitations

bulletDue to the constraints (processing power, memory, display resolution, printer support) of mobile devices, the .Net Compact Framework is a subset of the regular .Net runtime system used on workstations. These limitations restrict some of the features implemented in the QCSPCChart CF software.
bulletBrushes - The .Net Compact Framework Brush class is also very basic. Brushes have only a color attribute, no texture or gradient brushes are included.
bulletColor - The .Net Compact Frameworks color model does not support alpha blending so transparent colors are not possible.
bulletPrinter Support -The .Net Compact Framework does not support printer output.
bulletCoordinate Transformations - The .Net Compact Framework does not support the coordinate transform routines found in the .Net System.Drawing.Drawing2D classes. As a result, text and bitmap images used in charts cannot be rotated.
bulletImage Output - Charts cannot be saved as image files.


QCSPCChart CF for .Net Compact Framework Developer Licensing

bulletOur license agreement can be found here.
bulletThe QCSPCChart CF for .Net Compact Framework Developer License is available in a Developers Version (model # NETCF-SPC2-DEVR) that does not time out. Free updates for two years. The Developers Version of the  QCSPCChart CF software includes the QCChart2D CF software and there is no need to purchase QCChart2D CF separately.
bulletThe QCSPCChart CF for .Net Compact Framework Developer License is licensed to a single individual. It cannot be used by multiple people at the same company, unless a separate license is purchased for each person. Site licenses are also available. Contact sales@quinn-curtis.com with details of how many seats you wish to purchase and we will respond with a quote.
bulletThe QCSPCChart CF for .Net Compact Framework Developer License software does not use a redistributable license,  unlike the previous versions of the software. The basic developer license permits you to include QCSPCChart CF  as part of your application and distribute an unlimited number of copies of your application, royalty free.


QCSPCChart CF for .Net Compact Framework Redistributable Licensing

bulletThe QCSPCChart CF Tools software does not use a redistributable license. The basic developer license permits you to include QCSPCChart CF as part of your application and distribute an unlimited number of copies of your application, royalty free. We do not allow developers to use this software to create a graphics toolkit (a library or any type of graphics component that will be used in combination with a program development environment) for resale to other developers.


Custom Programming Services

bulletThe QCSPCChart CF SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net Compact Framework is an extremely powerful and flexible software package. It contains over 1000  methods and properties in more than 120 classes. The user manual and  help file documentation are more than 1500 pages. This can be overwhelming to the average programmer who wants to start programming today and have the prototype of an application working in a week.
bulletThe variety of user interfaces for charting applications is as diverse as the industries using the software. The end-user of an application at a drug company expects to interact with the chart in a manner different than that of an end-user in the automotive industry.
bulletWe know that your application may be similar to, but still uniquely different from any of our example programs. To that end we offer our programming services to write for you a custom example program that demonstrates how to code the chart format and user interface you want. That jump start to your project can save you many weeks of work and make you look like a chart programming genius. All  you have to be able to do is describe in detail what you want the example to do.
bulletUsing QCSPCChart CF, our range of expertise includes Managed C++ (MC++), C++/CLR,  VB, and C#  programming languages. For more information or a quote, please contact our sales department at sales@quinn-curtis.com


Doesn't have the features you need ? Let us know what those are so we can add them in a subsequent release. Contact: info@quinn-curtis.com


Ordering Information

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Description Model # Price
QCSPCChart CF Control Chart Tools  Developer License   NETCF-SPC2-DEVR $350 USD
QCSPCChart CF Control Chart Tools Source Code (you must own NETCF-SPC2-DEVR) NETCF-SPC-SRC

$900 USD